Welcome to RIMSCO

Rimsco is independently owned company based in Kuwait. We have experienced and qualified consultants ready to provide consultancy and training to local and international clients, whether for public or private sector.

Rimsco is specialized in providing strategic analysis and solutions comprising risk management, homeland and national security, and security integrated solutions. Our solid experience allows us to offer you a complete solution on every facet of security and risks mitigation.

The Rimsco Suite of Services available to our clients are multi-faceted and transparent, offering fully strategic analysis, providing complete integrated security solutions across a number of sectors, which although bespoke in nature, the foundations of our solutions are based on, and compliant with International Standards and Industry Best Practice, which in turn shall guarantee you, as the client the finest results and highest standards of service.

At Rimsco, Security and Risk Mitigation is our core business and therefore we understand the importance of client individuality and diversification, therefore our management team and consultants shall take the time to analyse and understand both your specific operational and business needs prior to offering you a range of professional and innovative short, medium and long term solutions to minimize your exposure to the constantly evolving risks faced in the modern climate.

The Rimsco Suite of Services is divided into the following three domains; Security Consultancy, Project Management and Training Services, which allows us the opportunity to provide you with the Subject Matter Experts and specific resources required to meet your expectations.

In order to provide our clients with the total security solution specific to individual needs and requirements, our Suite of Services are delivered as follows:

welcome to rimsco